dinsdag 4 oktober 2016

My very first real quilt

I tried some patchwork before, wich turned out pretty well,
 but I was just freestyling on the road of trial and error.
it was love at first sight.
I had to make it !
I first read the instructions very carefully 
( Flemish is my mothertongue so I needed to be really sure what I was reading. )
First hurdle : inches and yards ! Luckily there are conversion tables all over the web.
Second difficulty : I decided to use scraps and stash, wich meant that I could not follow the cutting instructions, I had to cut each and every bird piece separately.
The sewing itself went smoothly, some beginners mistakes here and there; some of the birds have floating tails and/or strange assymetric legs, but hey, who's perfect ? 
It adds to the charm !
 I bought the padding and really enjoyed sewing the waved lines !
Third problem : the binding. I did not have enough large fabric to cut the binding strips, so I used little pieces in the colours of the birds.

My very first real quilt is finished !
And I love it to pieces !

I do want to make another one... but first things first : the kids need new clothes.

PS : this post is in English especially for all the kind quilters who visited !